Flinders Island Tasmania Wrecks

During the early history of the Bass Strait islands many sailing ships were wrecked on route to Sydney Town. Around the Furneaux Islands there are some 69 recorded wrecks including the Sydney Cove the earliest recorded wreck which lead to settlement in the islands around Flinders Island the largest in the group.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the grounding of the Farsund which was driven by a hard south east gale onto the Vansittart Shoals between Cape Barren Island and Flinders Island on the 10th March 1912. Commanded by Captain E A Abrahamson the Farsund was on route from Buenos Aires. This three masted barque has been a visible sight for many years. Time and weathering has toppled the masts however the Fasund will remain above water for many years to come.
To celebrate the 100th anniversary the Flinders Island community has put together an exhibition of photos and other material including a considerable number of photos from the Fowler Collection courtesy of the CSIRO circa 1939.
The exhibition will be held over two days at the Lady Barron Hall Flinders Island from the 10th – 11th March 2012
Further details are available from Gerald Willis on 03 63594520

Michael Buck Flinders Island Travel Centre

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