Flinders Island Wetlands – Tasmania

Black Swans – yes we have many!

If you enjoy visiting wetlands join us a tour of the wetlands of the south east coast of Flinders Island.

These little known wetlands won international recognition when Logan Lagoon was recognized as a Ramsar site in 1982. This was the 4th area to be nominated by Australia and one of three estuarine lagoon systems along the east coast of Flinders Island.

A winter nesting site for the Black Swan, with large numbers of waders of many species, including the Red-necked Stint, Common Greenshank, Eastern Curlew, Bar-tailed Godwit, using the exposed sand and mud flats during the summer. The site is closed to hunting and therefore important as a refuge for birds.

Our daylong tour takes in key areas of the Ramsar site where you can see a great variety of water birds at close range including hundreds of black swan. Its an example of a relatively undisturbed wetland, and an area valuable for nature conservation education.

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“Had a sneak preview while on hols on Flinders Island of Michael’s Wetland Wonderland Tour. We visited a unique range of wetlands from Ramsar sites, lagoons, swamps, estuaries and entrances. Each one was easily accessible and home to an infinite variety of birdlife. There were so many birds that they only paused in their activities to check us out. I will always remember the thrill of strolling along the foreshore and seeing such large groups of majestic black swans and their cygnets that they were beyond counting. It was as if we were just part of the landscape.”

Judy, Manly Environment Centre, Manly. NSW.


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